Alexander Technique

Years ago I did a short weekend course in Alexander Technique; it was over three Saturday mornings and we got to try out the very basics. I learnt that crossing your legs makes you unbalanced and cuts off your circulation, and that your head is as heavy as a bowling ball, but I didn’t take much else away from the course. In October I was going to be away from home for a couple of weeks and decided to try some of my local library’s eBooks. I borrowed one called Change your posture, Change your life and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was about Alexander Technique. Since then, I’ve been spending 15 minutes most mornings lying in the semi-supine position and saying affirmations. I remembered the ones from my original course, which are:

Let the neck be free, to allow the head to go forward and up, to allow the back to lengthen and widen

I found these a bit less cumbersome than the ones in the book, and since they both have the same purpose I thought substitution for the simpler ones would be alright. However, following the advice in the book I have also added some extra affirmations to suit my personal problem areas. These are:

Let the shoulders move away from each other. Let the ribs move away from the hips. Let the tension in the shoulders be released.

These are to counteract the position in which I often find myself, slumped over and with my shoulders pointing inwards. I do also find that I have quite restricted movement in my shoulders, for example when trying shoulder exercises in yoga, and so although I don’t particularly feel any tension, I suspect there may be some which is so habitual that I don’t even notice it anymore.

After a month, I can’t say my posture has magically improved. Nonetheless, I do now notice a lot more often when I’m leaning forward or hunching over, at which point I say a few affirmations and change my position a little.

Have you tried Alexander Technique? Do you have any books to recommend on the subject? Are you an Alexander Technique teacher in Wolverhampton looking for business? Then please leave a comment!


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