Primal eating – bulletproof hot chocolate

It’s been almost a year and a half since I realised I was being adversely affected by gluten in my diet, and started switching to a more primal/paleo lifestyle. It has been an ongoing process. I’m not coeliac, so I can eat a certain amount of flour-based products/rice etc. without many ill effects. However, if I start eating that kind of food more regularly, I suffer from bloating/stomach ache and also feel a lot more hungry. Being able to eat these foods sometimes, has meant I’m less motivated to give them all up completely. Over the last few days I’ve eaten toast with pate, rocky road cake at a party and shortbread samples which were given away free. Now I’m feeling it.

I have usually been successful at staying primal for breakfast. I make my own and take it to work, and there is not often something to lure me from the primal path so early in the morning. I have been making large omelettes with meat and vegetables, but this does mean I buy a LOT of eggs and have to remember to do some chopping and cooking each evening. For a while I have wanted to switch to bulletproof coffee as presented by the Bulletproof Executive. Unfortunately, I hate coffee, and as I so rarely drink it, when I do I quickly get the side-effect of not sleeping, even when I drink it in the morning.

Last week I found out from the Bulletproof Executive forum that you can drink bulletproof hot chocolate as an alternative. So this is the second day I’ve started with a bulletproof hot chocolate: two teaspoons unsweetened hot chocolate, one tablespoon butter, two tablespoons coconut oil and hot water. Yesterday I was hungry by around 12pm. Today I hope to make it to 2pm as the Bulletproof Executive recommends. However, I have been taking my egg breakfast to work and eating it there at around 10.30am, whereas I want to drink the chocolate hot, so I make it in the morning and drink it before 8am. So I should probably expect to feel hungrier earlier for a while.

So far I’m getting used to the taste; the chocolate is a bit bitter and I could probably add some sweetener, but figure it’s better to try and get used to it without sweetener. Perhaps I’ll add some cinnamon tomorrow. I feel a little bit queasy when I first drink it, which I assume is the effect of all that unexpected fat hitting my system hours before I normally eat. I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Do you have a bulletproof beverage for breakfast? If not coffee, what do you recommend?


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