Frugal – homemade Christmas presents

I work with three people who all enjoy giving presents and are usually pretty generous about it too. I couldn’t compete on shop-bought price, so I decided to prepare some homemade presents for them, which I hope they’ll appreciate for the thought that has gone into them.

Colleague no. 1, who likes eating and trying different foods, and who says she is recently addicted to mustard, has got a selection of three different kinds of mustard, some artichokes and peppers in jars. Not exactly homemade, but it is a kind of personalised hamper.

Colleague no. 2 is very family-oriented and has two small children. I thought that if the holidays are getting a bit manic, she might appreciate a peaceful activity which doesn’t require any preparation on her part. So I’ve made her a gingerbread house kit: general instructions and templates which came with Essentials magazine last month, and which I’ve laminated so they’ll be wipe-clean and reusable; dry ingredients weighed out into a jar; icing sugar (just add water); a selection of sweets and edible glitter pens so her girls can have fun decorating the house. There’s even an egg in one of the jars so I hope I’ve thought of everything.

Homemade gingerbread house kit

Homemade gingerbread house kit

Colleague no. 3 was a bit harder to decide on. I was going to make her a bed warmer, but at the weekend I had a sewing machine meltdown so i had to give up on that idea. Instead I made her two knitted detachable collars: one in plain white and one in a glittery gold. I still need to buy and attach some buttons tomorrow, but I’m impressed at how quickly they’ve knitted up. I used this pattern from Reckless Glue.

Two detachable knitted collars

Two detachable knitted collars


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