Declutter – Saturday snagging

Today has been one of those days where I have sorted out lots of little jobs which have been bugging me for a while. I started quite late, around 11.30, and so far today I’ve:

  • Cleared out my bedroom top drawer – this has been a general dumping ground for a while. I’ve thrown out a lot of old makeup, found some unused makeup and hair items which will go on eBay, put pens and USB sticks where I would actually look for them, put medicines back in the medicine cupboard…I have space in there now and can find stuff without having to turf out the whole drawer onto the bed, as has been happening recently.
  • Cleared out my husband’s toiletry bag – he carts this around on trips and it was full to bursting. I threw away some facial scrub and aftershave he had as presents and never uses, moved medicines to the medicine cupboard, left one deodorant in there instead of three, took out the hand creams he never uses. Then I could fit some other items into it which he leaves lying around in the bedroom.
  • Emptied household bins, took the rubbish, recyling and food waste to the bins outside.
  • Chopped up 12 onions and put them in the slow cooker for caramelising – they will take all day but the house smells delicious and we love to eat them.
  • Made ginger spiced red cabbage, which enabled me to use up the last of some ginger jam we had in the fridge, as well as using two lots of apples we had been donated by the in-laws. This will be portioned up and go into the freezer.
  • Made roasted cabbage with bacon, using up a cabbage which would not last much longer. This will probably be for dinner tonight with some 50p yellow sticker sausages we got yesterday.
  • Roasted a whole butternut squash. I will now be able to peel and mash it easily and we can have it with the rest of the sausages tomorrow night and Monday lunch.
  • Hoovered all the downstairs floors – I’m ashamed to say there was a dead fly in the corner of the living room which I had ignored for at least a week, but which made me think “I must hoover” every time I saw it. .
  • Steamed all the downstairs floors – the steam cleaner is a new addition to the family and this is the first time I had used it. In my opinion it is less effective than mopping, and for far more hassle. It made no difference at all to our carpet stains.
  • Scrubbed all the living room carpet stains with Vanish – the living room smells very antiseptic now, and i think the stains look a bit better but it’s hard to tell while the floor patches are still wet.
  • Put on and unloaded the dishwasher.
  • Wiped down all the surfaces in the kitchen, including the front of the dishwasher and the fridge, which sometimes get spills down them that i don’t notice for a while.
  • Cleaned the oven top.
  • Watered the plants – now it’s winter, they don’t need a lot of water and I tend to think about watering when I’m busy with something else, so it gets put off.
  • Researched whether you should use foil with the shiny side up or down. I’ve been asking myself this every time I’ve used it. Turns out it makes no difference.
  • Sorted out the freezer and defrosted some pork mince and lamb rump so I can do some batch cooking tomorrow: lamp stew in the slow cooker and mince on the hob. They’ll go back in the freezer to wait for a day when I don’t feel like cooking.

All that in around four or five hours. I feel like I’ve done something with the day. I still need to:

  • Hoover all the upstairs floors.
  • Cut my nails.
  • Sort the Christmas cards – yesterday I tried to display them along the bannisters by tying them loosely in a continuous string of wool. Somehow they have come loose and half of them have slid down the wool and are on top of each other. I need to untangle them, find some blu-tak and stick them along the stairs.
  • Put away the buttons and sewing kit I used yesterday to finish a knitted item (this is what started off my snagging motivation).
  • File some papers from the desk.
  • Finish knitting a baby hat for my sister.

It’s a long list but some of the items are short. The point is, although I look at the list and feel a bit tired, I know that after I have finished these jobs I will walk around the house feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. These little jobs which you keep noticing and think “I must do” are exactly the kind of thing that weigh you down. Every time you enter the room where they are, they snag your eye and make you feel a bit disappointed that you haven’t got round to doing them yet. So if you’ve got a job like this on your list, there’s still time, go and do it now!!


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