Frugal – an idea to cut my spending

I’ve just read this post from Eyes on the Dollar about no buying clothes for a year. I have reduced my clothes spending a lot over the last couple of years, but still buy the odd thing that seems like too much of a bargain to ignore. I also read about Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth system earlier in the year and made a few wardrobe updates based on my style according to that. Reading the blog post, I was impressed that Kim could actually detail everything that she’s bought over a year.

Each week, i give myself £20 of spending money. This can be for clothes, toiletries, going out, collections at work, food I buy during the day in addition to the breakfast and packed lunch I take with me. However, looking back over the year I couldn’t tell you much of what I’ve spent it on. That’s over £1,000 per year which is going on unmemorable stuff. I must be able to trim it a bit.

I’ve heard that keeping a food diary can help you to reduce what you eat, and that’s been true for me on the occasions when I’ve used MyFitnessPal; sometimes I felt like, I don’t want to admit to eating a familly-size bag of crisps in one sitting, or i can’t log into MyFitnessPal and can’t be bothered to remember this snack, so I just won’t eat it. But equally, my use of MyFitnessPal has been very sporadic, as if I miss a day I tend to let it drop for months.

So my idea is to track my spending in a weekly blog post, making me accountable to the internet if I skip a week. My hope is that I will feel it would be so extravagant to admit to buying some items, that I just won’t buy them after all. Of course, some activities do come with a price tag and I don’t expect to be able to save a full £1,040 over 52 weeks. If I could save even half of it and cut back to £10 a week, that would be a worthwhile improvement.


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