Simplify – one less chore

One of my decisions for 2014 has been to stop doing my husband’s ironing. He puts more clothes in the wash than I do, so I could easily spend one hour ironing and have 2/3 of it be his clothes, meaning this will automatically save me 50-80% of the time i currently spend on ironing. It will also simplify my life of a few minor irritations:

  • a huge ironing pile glaring at me from the corner of the room while I wait to get round to it.
  • getting annoyed when my husband opens a drawer to look for a t-shirt, rummages through them all and then leaves them all crumpled, which negates the effect of any ironing I have previously done.
  • getting annoyed when my husband packs a bag by crumpling his clothes into it, again negating any ironing done by me.

He has said before, “don’t do my ironing if you don’t want to, I don’t care if my clothes are ironed”. However, I felt that if he went out in unironed clothes, his work colleagues would think I was a bad wife, and as they knew me personally this would be a reflection on me rather than a generic wife they had never met. I realise now that this is pointless, that most of his friends and colleagues will probably not notice his clothes are ironed any more than he does, and that the people who do notice and think his wife should be ironing his clothes are sexist, and I shouldn’t be pandering to their sexist beliefs.

This decision was partly inspired by Mr Money Mustache’s post about cleaning, and what exactly is necessary. It seems like a very small change, and in practical terms it might save me something like 30 minutes per week. But the benefits of less pressure and fewer annoyances are the real rewards.

Are there any jobs you do because your parents always used to do them, or because “it’s just what you do”? It’s always worth reviewing your reasons for anything you do, and stripping out the tasks that no longer benefit you.


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