Frugal – spend cut – w/e 19/01/14

From my weekly budget of £15*, I have spent:

  • £0.99 – 18 C4 manila envelopes; will be used for sending out sold eBay items, of which I had two waiting when I bought these.
  • £1.00 – 4 x Terry’s chocolate orange bars – these were a pick-me-up after my first day back at work after several days off sick.
  • £1.35 – library fines: 3 books overdue for 3 days! This was a complete waste of money, I renewed the books over the phone instead of online (the online system was broken) and forgot to set myself a reminder. Unfortunately, this library doesn’t send out renewal reminders although the other one I use does (it is run by a different council). I don’t have any more books out from this library for the moment, and will make sure I set myself reminders for any additional loans this year.
  • £10 – birthday present and leaving present for a colleague (she leaves a few days after her birthday!). My department is small, so we have a fixed donation of £5 each whenever someone has a birthday. I gave the same amount for the leaving present although no amount was specified. We will also be going out for lunch closer to the events, so that will take a large portion of the budget from that week as well.
  • Total: £13.34

*As January is a five-week month, I allocated myself £10 instead of £20 for this week, and also had £4 left from last week and £1 from last year to supplement the budget.

From my Christmas money and a £15 M&S voucher, I have spent:

  • £9.00 – a black and white striped jumper
  • £4,00 – a plain white top

Both from M&S, they were cheap and the kind of useful item I felt like I should be buying, but I’m not sure that either of them is particularly flattering. The plain white top is for layering  under t-shirts and I’ve worn it all weekend. I wore the jumper to work on Friday and it is probably ok for casual wear. I just had a feeling that the voucher was burning a hole in my pocket so I went one lunchtime and splurged. I should probably have taken more time and bought something I really loved!

£49.99 – Nicer dicer plus from JML Direct. I did consider this for a while before splurging, checked all the reviews to make sure people are using it. I finally decided to go ahead because:

  • My husband and I cook most meals from scratch and a lot of them involve chopped or sliced vegetables.
  • I get chilblains in the winter so it’s painful for me to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, chopping, washing my hands, spending more time chopping with damp hands etc.
  • I hate chopping onions and they are the vegetable we eat most, so if this chore can be reduced then it will remove a big hate item from my life.
  • I have found that with Christmas money from grandparents, they like to know what I’ve spent the money on and that it’s being put to good use, and buying a big-spend item which I can use regularly and photograph to send to them will fit that bill.

I also spent money on postal charges for items sold on eBay, but this is recovered by the sales profit so I don’t count it as extra spend.

As you can see, this was what I would call a bad week; almost the whole budget gone and nothing much to show for it. Given that this was a reduced budget week, I feel a bit consoled that I didn’t have to dip into next week. I’ll carry over the £1.66 left over from my £15 as I have another £10 week before the month is over.


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