Repurpose – dressing gown to knitting roll

For a while now, I’ve been wanting a knitting roll to keep all my needles in order. I had a range of bamboo straight needles in a plastic bag in a drawer, plus a few other straight needles which had come free from magazines. Then there was a range of bamboo circular needles in a jiffy bag, and a range of bamboo double pointed needles circled by an elastic band. Every time I needed a certain pair, I’d have to tip them all out and search through every set until I found the right size, which was generally the last pair I picked up. I used to find it really annoying. I thought about buying a knitting roll, but then I thought it would be even better to make one customised with all the needle sizes I had. You may know from this post that I had a dressing gown which I didn’t wear but wanted to keep. As I only used the back to make a bed warmer, I still had the two front pieces going spare. So here’s what I did…

  1. I sewed together the two front pieces along the seams where they had been unpicked from the back. 
  2. I hemmed the two short edges for a tidier finish (the two long edges were already hemmed as they had been at the front). 
  3. I folded up around 6″ of material from the bottom to make a large pocket. Using the needles I had, sorted by size, I pinned where I wanted to divide the pocket for each size. 
  4. At the front of each division, I hand-embroidered the relevant size (very messily, if I had been more patient I would have written on the numbers first and sewn over them to get a neater and more uniform effect). 
  5. I sewed a straight line from the top to the bottom of each pocket section to make the divisions. 

That’s it, it was a pretty simple method but the measuring and embroidery took a while. If I were making one for a present, I’d probably use a lining to make the pocket and divisions, then sew that into a separate outer so that there are no threads showing from the outside. However, as this was just for me, I didn’t mind having threads showing, I was more interested in having my needles sorted. 

As well as allowing me to make more use of my dressing gown, this also removed a major frustration from my knitting experience. Now I quite look forward to needing to change needles!

Knitting roll

Knitting roll


One thought on “Repurpose – dressing gown to knitting roll

  1. I have a dressing gown that I don’t need anymore, it hangs on the back of the bedroom door taking up space and making me feel guilty. I have a beautiful handmade jug full of all my knitting needles. Every time I need a new needle I empty them out on the floor and try and pair them up.. I think I need a dressing gown needle roll!

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