Frugal / Simplify – homemade dishwasher powder

Yesterday afternoon I came home from work through the pouring rain. Soggy and cold, I went into the kitchen and noticed that one of the first jobs waiting for me was to finish loading and run the dishwasher. However, when I opened the cupboard to take out a dishwasher tablet, I remembered we’d used the last one earlier in the week. I was loath to go back into the elements, so I turned to the internet to see what solution could be found. Right at the beginning of the search, I found this excellent post from Homemaking on the Homestead, which was exactly what I needed. I always have lots of bicarbonate of soda around the house as I stock up on it for homemade shampoo and deodorant. Therefore into the soap compartment I put eight drops of Tesco Smart Price washing up liquid and three heaped teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. I put the dishwasher onto a normal cycle and watched out with trepidation in case the kitchen became overwhelmed with suds.

Fortunately, Homemaking on the Homestead’s instructions worked very well for my dishwasher. No suds appeared, and when I came to unload the dishwasher everything was clean apart from one cup. I should add that our dishwasher is old and secondhand, and using a normal cycle with a shop-bought dishwasher tablet is no guarantee that everything will come out clean, so I was very happy with these results. I’ll keep trialling it for a while longer, perhaps with the idea to stock up on shop-bought tablets in March if there are any problems in February, but to keep going with washing up liquid and bicarb of soda if not.

Thanks to Homemaking on the Homestead for a very informative post!


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