Frugal – spend cut – w/e 02/02/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £0.65 – Sainsburys basics soy milk to drink in tea at work. I note that this has gone up from £0.59 since last year, so I will be interested to see whether Aldi and Lidl soy milk has also gone up.
  • £2.60 – drink at the Japanese meetup group I host at a local cafe. On meetup night I usually work late and then go straight there (the meetup is five minutes from work and 20 minutes from home, and I walk to and from work, so there’s no point going home in between). Today I had a “death by hot chocolate” with marshmallows, which was also my dinner as I didn’t get home until 9pm, so from that perspective £2.60 is not too bad (especially since a plain herbal tea is £1.30).
  • £3.69 – four replacement toothbrush heads from Amazon. I replace them roughly every three months, so these will last me a year. My current toothbrush head is already due replacement.
  • £2.24 – Sainsburys 3 packs of basic milk chocolate (recently increased from 30p to 33p) and one carton of double cream, to make flourless brownies for myself, and a rosewater cheesecake to share with friends on Sunday and to thank them for a favour they are doing for me.

Total – £9.18

Not bad at all, £10 has gone into savings.

Things I resisted buying this week

  • “Game of Thrones” book 2 from a secondhand book stall in the city centre for £2.80; I have been waiting to get this from the library for over two months and it’s still out on loan for another fortnight.
  • Calling into Sainsburys for a 9pm yellow sticker snack after meetup.
  • Chocolate from the canteen at work on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Instant replacement toothbrush heads from Boots for £10.99; the impatient option and the one I have previously taken. This is the first time I price-checked on Amazon and eBay before buying.

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