Frugal – spend cut – w/e 09/02/14

From my weekly budget of £18, I have spent:

£1.20 – Doritos from Sainsburys. I felt bad about going out for snack food when we had healthy food in the house, so afterwards I googled Doritos spice and found this recipe. Now I’d like to try making my own spice mix and putting it on healthier things like carrot and parsnip crisps instead of eating of eating shop-bought snacks.

£7.00 – Towards a £22 spa day from LivingSocial which I will go on with my mum. She had mentioned the idea a few weeks ago but come up with more expensive options than the £44 for two people including lunch and five treatments which I found, so I feel this is a saving overall (although of course I could have saved more by refusing to go to the spa…). The day will take place somewhere between now and June, but I’ll pay for it out of this month’s weekly spends.

Total – £8.20

Pretty good, under 50% spent. However, the money that was spent went on pretty frivolous things. £10 has gone into savings.

Things I resisted buying this week

  • Nothing, I had a busy week at work, part-time work at the weekend so I hardly went out at all and also didn’t spend much time looking at online shopping options. I also had five lunches and dinners bought for me, mainly through work, so I felt like I had quite a luxurious week and didn’t want to spend on my own account.

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