Frugal – spend cut – w/e 16/02/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £5.00 – Payment 2 of 4 towards the £22 spa day from LivingSocial which I bought last week.
  • £3.40 – Return train ticket to Birmingham. I renewed my library books twice but reached the point where I had to return them before next week. I reserved several the previous weekend, in the hopes of combining two jobs and picking up several more from my current reading list. However, the reservation process at the library can be a bit slow so I will set a reminder to do this two weeks in advance next time.
  • £9.59 – A purple dress from eBay, suitable for work or home. Since last year I have been reading about a styling concept called Dressing Your Truth, and as part of that I have been trying to weed out unflattering things from my wardrobe and try out some new colours I haven’t worn before.
  • £1.30 – tea (the cheapest option) at the local cinema cafe for the monthly Knit Night. Unfortunately, as it was an extremely rainy evening, no one else turned up for the first half hour so I left after that! Meaning the drink purchase was completely wasted>:{

Total – £19.29 – Nothing towards savings this week, and several spends for which I don’t really see much benefit:(

From our household repairs and bills budgets, we have spent:

£215 – collection and sampling of three possible asbestos areas in our loft. Expensive, but it had to be done as we need to cut a new loft hatch and can’t do this until we know whether it’s safe.


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