Frugal – spend cut – w/e 23/02/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £5.00 – payment 3 of 4 towards the spa day I bought from LivingSocial.
  • £4.00 – 12 creme eggs for a friend in Spain. I visited her on a business trip and took her some creme eggs as she can’t get them over there. She was a fantastic host during the visit and we have some good ongoing work collaboration so this was money well spent. She also gave me three custard apples and some quince jelly in return.
  • £12.00 – Dinner with friends to celebrate their graduation.
  • £1.99 – Bank charge for drawing out €10 overseas; for some reason I thought it would be a cheaper option to do this than to exchange cash in advance. Then as soon as I got back, there was a weekly update from MoneySavingExpert which said to avoid it at all costs and also that my bank was one of the highest chargers.

Total – £22.99

£3 over budget and nothing into savings is pretty bad>:{ I have certainly learnt my lesson about how to get foreign cash when I need it.

Things I resisted buying this week

  • Spanish and Portuguese knitting magazines. I bought some last time I was over there on the grounds that I could learn relevant vocabulary from the magazines. This was last October and I haven’t knitted anything from those magazines yet, so I forced myself not to buy anymore this time.

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