Frugal – spend cut – w/e 02/03/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £5.00 – payment 4 of 4 towards the spa day I bought from LivingSocial.
  • £1.95 – roll of duct tape from Wilkos (much more expensive than I expected!)
  • £2.00 – herbal tea and a Twirl at the local cafe while hosting the monthly Japanese language group.
  • £1.50 – tube of Pringles as a snack.

Total – £10.45

Good going, £10 has gone into savings.

From some Christmas money given to me by my grandparents, I have spent:

  • £28.50 – a set of five ceramic knives. Cost around £60 in House of Fraser, £51.20 on Amazon and then I found them for £28.50 on Ocado. Minimum spend was £40 so I added a duck and a pork loin to the order, then used an online voucher code so the total order was only £32.50!

I did some freelance proofreading and charged £225 for this. I put £200 into savings and spent £25 on two Craftsy courses about dressmaking (both with 50% off at the moment).


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