Frugal – spend cut – w/e 09/03/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.99 – Envelopes and jiffy bags for posting ebay items from Discount Home Stores, chocolate
  • £2.60 – Bacon crisps, chocolate orange and mozzarella from Sainsburys for a snack
  • £4.00 – My share of £16-for-£8 train travel deal on Amazon Local
  • £10.00 – Put towards the cost of a Two Together railcard which I will buy before 31 March.

Total – £19.59

No savings, but I could have spread £14 of it out over several weeks or months so I don’t feel concerned.

One things that’s becoming clear is that I am spending a lot of money on junk food, which not only is not adding value to my life, but is even affecting my health, so I need to look at ways of cutting back on this habit.

From our car budget of £100/month, we have spent £175 on car tax for the next 12 months. This brings the budget to a minus balance, as we had quite an expensive repair before Christmas. However, since we had savings in other “pots” we were able to use these to pay for the twelve month car tax which is slightly cheaper than buying two six-month lots. This is why savings rock!


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