Frugal – spend cut – w/e 23/03/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.74 – The same DVD that I rented last week from Amazon; only a few pence more expensive to own it for life, I should really have been more patient! I have watched it twice since it arrived so I think it’s a good investment. 
  • £4.24 – skirt for work from eBay. I have several black skirts but not many in other colours, so once in a while I try to get one to wear with all the black tops that I don’t wear with the black skirts!

Total – £6.98

Very frugal, £13 into savings:) This saving thing is definitely getting easier the more I document it. I feel quite profligate if I spend the full £20 budget now. Added to which, I now know what my money is being spent on and am forced to admit it if I’m just wasting it on rubbish. Before this year, if I didn’t spend all of the weekly budget, I would feel rich towards the end of the month and splash out on more things I didn’t need, so it’s definitely doing me good to make a note of what I haven’t spent and to move it immediately to my savings account.

From my present fund (£350/year), I have spent:

  • £70 – birthday money for my parents; they have asked for money from all their children for their combined birthdays, so they can go on a trip to London.
  • £10 – birthday present for my husband, of some assorted things to cook and eat, including a tagine paste that I used to cook his birthday dinner. Since he has a hoarding problem, I refuse to buy him things that have to be kept forever. I wish others felt the same; someone has given him a “Mr Grasshead”. What they think a 34yo man needs with a smiley-faced pot full of grass, I don’t know…

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