Frugal – spend cut – w/e 13/04/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  •  £1.40 – two bars of chocolate from the work cafeteria. I slept very badly on Sunday night and needed a sugar rush to make it through to Monday hometime. 
  • £1.00 – more chocolate! No excuse this time.
  • £1.00 – given to a random man on the street. I very rarely do this, usually because the reasons they have for wanting the money are a bit ludicrous. A man in the queue at the train station once asked me for money so he could buy his ticket. Why are you queuing if you don’t have money for the ticket already? Anyway, I think this man just caught me at a generous moment as I was feeling virtuous from taking a load of clothes to the charity shop. I gave him £1 and the cheeky blighter said “Can you give me £2?”. So that has strengthened my resolve just to say no next time.

Total – £3.40

As I had this amount as spare change in my purse, I am rolling over the full £20 into savings again! The resources of my purse are now fully used up, so I’ll have to think more carefully and actually break into a £20 note for the next weeks of spending.

From my existing savings, I transferred £250 into Zopa peer-to-peer lending. While I was on their website, I found out that they are planning to introduce ISAs, which would make all my current earnings with them tax-free (I don’t currently have over the ISA limit invested with them). They didn’t have more information about when the ISAs would be available, so I’m on standby for that.


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