Primal/paleo – a weekend off the wagon

This weekend I have strayed very far from my usual primal path. It started on Friday with a box of chocolates and a takeaway pizza, continued on Saturday with more chocolate and KFC, then finished on Sunday with more chocolate and ice cream (peanut-butter ice cream!).

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that this food has a bad effect on my body. After three days of it, I felt sluggish during the day but couldn’t sleep properly at night, I feel bloated and uncomfortably full, I have spots. On the good side, I can take this as very clear confirmation that eating primal works for me, and that cutting out flour and sugar makes a big improvement to the way I feel. I usually ask for gluten-free meals at e.g. work events, and sometimes people ask if I’ve been tested for gluten sensitivity or whether I have an official diagnosis from a doctor. I feel like the response of my body is diagnosis enough. If I went to a doctor and they said “you’re below the threshold for gluten sensitivity”, I wouldn’t go back to eating bread and pasta full-time.

On the bad side, although I now know that non-primal food will negatively affect me, there are times when I still find it very difficult to resist. I mean, my reaction is not great, but neither is it anaphylactic shock, so after a period of time I can forget how I’m going to feel. Once I’ve eaten a bit of unhealthy food, I have a tendency to start craving more, particularly with chocolate. How do you stay away from the foods that are bad for you? Do you have any tips for me?


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