Frugal – spend cut – w/e 27/04/14

From my weekly budget of £10 (reduced due to overspend last week), I have spent:

  • £1.45 – chocolate from the work canteen.
  • £3.49 – chocolate and bubble wrap (for posting an Amazon delivery).

Total – £4.94

I had this amount in change from last week’s cash/card spending, so I am putting the full £10 into savings.

From savings towards household expenses, I have spent:

£199.99 – a new Dyson hoover (included a £100 discount for trading in an old hoover). Our existing hoover had not been working properly for months, if not years, which meant that I avoided doing the hoovering, as it felt pointless, but then felt bad about sitting in the living room and looking at bits all over the carpet (which is cream). The new hoover will make it easier to keep on top of this aspect of the housework.

As I am now 1/3 of the way through 2014, here is a summary of possible budget and savings so far:

Budget allocated: £330

Budget saved: £136.8

I was a bit surprised when I added all this up, I thought I had been doing brilliantly and would have saved over half of the budget. In practice, I have saved 41%. However, in the interests of accuracy I think I will have to remove the £60 which is earmarked for new work shoes, as it will be spent at some point. That gives a total saving of £76.80, or 23%. It’s not as good as I had hoped for, but it’s better than spending my full budget. When you consider that my weekly budget of £20 is a lot lower than I’ve had in the past, and that out of this budget I’ve still been able to pay for clothes, eating out, train travel and a spa day, I think I’ve done quite well. Going forward, work shoes and a winter coat are items which will wear out and will need to be replaced, so I am going to allocate spend towards them on low-spend weeks over the next few years. My current winter coat is around ten years old and is getting a bit bobbly, so will probably need to be replaced in a couple of years, and I’ll also wear out my work shoes at some point, so this should be factored in as a regular expense. That way I won’t take a big hit out of savings next time.


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