Frugal – spend cut – w/e 18/05/14

From my weekly budget of £10 (as May is a 5-week month), I have spent:

  • £2.00 – donation to a colleague’s maternity leave present.
  • £5.58 – toothpaste and medicine from Boots.
  • £0.77 – handwash and washing-up liquid for the office.

Total – £8.35

£1.65 to savings – not bad during a £10-budget week.

As part of decluttering and simplifying my wardrobe, I am getting rid of three pairs of shoes in different colours which were bought to go with various evening/wedding outfits, and am replacing them with one pair of nude flats. These cost £24.99 from eBay, and I am covering the cost from the sale of other unwanted items on eBay. Since I don’t very often go to weddings or evening events, I hope these will be the last occasion shoes I ever have to buy (I never wear heels).


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