Frugal/Simplify – microwave cake

As someone who avoids gluten and aims to eat primally, I don’t make a lot of cake nowadays. However, this week at work two colleagues had a birthday, and for various reasons the normal collections didn’t take place and we didn’t give them group presents. I thought about making them a cake, and kept forgetting. Around 9pm on Thursday evening, I thought about it again. Obviously this is quite late to start baking, and if I made something on Friday morning, it wouldn’t cook and cool soon enough for me to carry it to work. “Just buy a cake” said my husband, but I felt like that would be both impersonal for them, and a waste of money for me. At the last minute, I remembered a microwave cake I had made in the past and decided to search for a recipe. A quick google got me to this. I made the brownie mix as specified (all with ingredients I already had), added some mixed fruit and nuts I had in the cupboard, and in 10 minutes I had this fruit and nut brownie cake.

It doesn’t look especially glamorous, but it tasted nice, and one of the people said how much he appreciated something homemade. It was very quick and easy to make, so I would recommend it if you need a cake in a hurry. Although I haven’t tried it, I suspect you could swap the flour for ground or chopped nuts. I didn’t bother yesterday, as if people don’t eat primal/paleo, I just use flour for them as it’s much cheaper than nuts. But I might make it for my mum and me over the summer.

Fruit and nut brownie cake in a round cake tin

Fruit and nut brownie cake


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