Primal pizza

Last week I read a post by Grass Fed Girl with a recipe for primal pizza. It came at a time not long after I had succumbed to the lure of normal pizza and still remembered the gluten-related side effects, so I thought it’d be a good idea to give it a go. Today was the day. I didn’t vary the ingredients until the end, when I got a bit impatient and added more water than specified. That made it slightly too runny to roll out as the recipe called for, but I thought I’d just squash it out on a baking tray and see how it turned out. I added some chopped tomatoes, a bit of grated parmesan and some sliced salami and that was it. A very simple recipe, probably even more simple if I hadn’t added too much water! So how did it turn out?

A primal pizza topped with salami

Primal pizza











Not the most glamorous pizza in the world, but it was UNBELIEVABLY delicious. I meant to save some for my husband, but I ate the whole thing. And this is despite the extra-runny base, which turned into something quite firm at the edges, but a bit soggy in the middle. I will definitely pace the water and produce a more solid dough next time, and I’ll definitely make this again. I have never been a fan of homemade or supermarket pizzas in the past, and I was expecting this to be a fairly poor substitute for an actual pizza shop pizza, but I really loved it.




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