Frugal – spend cut – w/e 15/06/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £0.00

Total – £0

I am going to put £10 into savings and £10 towards a future replacement winter coat.

I did buy a train ticket for the end of July, which cost £6.20, to visit my parents during the summer. However, as the reason I need the train ticket is because my husband will be driving the car for a week away, I decided to take the train cost out of our fuel budget (I would have used fuel if the car were available).

From my Boots points balance of 160, I have spent:

100 – two bars of chocolate.

From £2 spare change in my purse, I have spent:

£1.80 – library overdue fines for two books! Shameful! This was from the library which normally sends out an email reminder, but I didn’t see it this time so didn’t renew until after the due date. I think this is already the second time this year I’ve had to pay library overdue fines so I feel very disappointed with myself.

I now have only 21p left in my purse so that source of revenue appears to be over…

This week I felt like I wanted to spend more than usual. Due to lack of preparedness during the week, I very often wanted to buy chocolate, and if I hadn’t had my Boots points and some snacks donated by colleagues in the office, I would have succumbed to that. I also really wanted to “treat myself” to a hot drink from the coffee shop at work, on several occasions. I’m not sure why I still feel like there’s an element of luxury in walking downstairs and queuing to get a sugary drink in a paper cup, instead of just making myself a cup of tea exactly how I like it in the office… I think if I had already broken into my £20, I would have bought a drink. Luckily, as the week goes on I find it psychologically a bit harder to spend if it’s going to mess up a no-spend week.


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