Simplify – Weekly Wishes 16/06/14

My second weekly wishes post. How did I do with last week’s wishes?

Weekly wishes for 09/06/14:

  1. Running: I was out after work on Tuesday and Thursday. I had planned to run on Monday and Wednesday. Monday I had an unexplained stomach ache and couldn’t run. Wednesday I just didn’t feel like it and couldn’t force myself to go. I finished work a little early on Friday and completed one run then. I also planned to go on Saturday morning before starting to study, but then I thought “I don’t want to and I’m only doing it to be able to tick off a box on my blog post. 50% complete
  2. Dissertation: I blocked out Saturday and did a few hours’ work on the dissertation. I didn’t do as much as I had planned, but I did write 1,000 words and complete the literature review. 50% complete
  3. Family: I made a cake for my dad on Friday night, drove up to my parents’ house on Saturday evening and spent Sunday with them. My grandparents and siblings also all visited on Sunday so I got an even bigger dose of family than I had expected. 100% complete
  4. Green smoothies: I used up one bag of spinach and two packs of raspberries, and made green smoothies on Monday and Tuesday. However, I didn’t drink Tuesday’s smoothie and end up throwing it away on Thursday as it had turned into complete sludge. On reflection, raspberries were not a good fruit to start with as they were quite sour and I have a very sweet tooth. I also threw out the second bag of spinach. To be fair, the expiry date on it was 27 May so perhaps it was unrealistic to expect to use it in mid-June! We had a lot of other food which needed using up on Saturday so I didn’t make a smoothie then, and I was away on Sunday so didn’t do one then either. 33% complete.

Family was easy to achieve. Green smoothies was not as easy as expected, due to lack of preparedness and to using ingredients which I hadn’t chosen personally just to use them up. Running was more difficult than I thought and Dissertation was as hard as expected.

Weekly wishes for 16/06/14 are:

  1. Dissertation: I have two days off work this week, plus most of the weekend, so I want to analyse and write up as much as possible of the results (minimum 3,000 words).
  2. Sprint: Primal guru Mark Sisson recommends a short sprint every 7-10 days rather than longer and more regular runs. Somehow I find the idea of sprinting in the park a bit scary and although I’d like to try it, I’ve been putting it off. This weekend, I’d like to try my first sprint session, particularly as Race for Life will be over after Wednesday.
  3. Morning routine: On an ideal day, I start with 15 minutes Alexander Technique semi-supine position and meditation, 10 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of primal strength exercises (e.g. plank, squat, push-ups). I have been letting this slide lately, then I did it every day for the first week of June, and only a couple of times last week. This week I’d like to do it at least five times.



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