Simplify – Weekly Wishes 23/06/14

How did I do with last week’s wishes?

Weekly wishes for 16/06/14:

  1. Dissertation: I worked regularly on the dissertation over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  At the moment I need to reduce the word count. It is still not at a point where it could be submitted, but the data analysis has got a bit further along, so I count this as a moderate success. 75% complete
  2. Sprint: There was an event in the park over the weekend, so I ran today after work. Actually, it seems like Monday evenings may be a better time for me than Sunday mornings, so I’m going to stick with that. 100% complete.
  3. Morning routine: I managed four days fully and one day partially, which is pretty good going. 85% complete. 

Weekly wishes for 23/06/14:

  1. Dissertation: Work on the dissertation for 25 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to keep the momentum going. Last week I read a bit about the Pomodoro system, which from what I could gather involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break, using a timer. This is why I’ve suggested the somewhat arbitrary looking 25 minutes, as it equates to one Pomodoro session.
  2. Morning routine: Do this on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  3. Holiday: convince my husband that we only need one carry-on suitcase for the two of us for a four-day trip. Spend under €150 for my share of meal costs and entertainment during the trip. Depart on time on Thursday morning and have a lovely few days in Dublin!

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