Simplify – Weekly Wishes 30/06/14

How did I do with last week’s wishes?

Weekly wishes for 23/06/14:

  1. Dissertation: I did 30 minutes on Monday and Tuesday. Plus, my lovely line manager at work said that as our office is quiet in July, I could work on the dissertation in the office, as a form of study-leave (my Masters is partially relevant to what I do at work, but it’s self-funded and being done at another university). I therefore did an extra few hours at work. 66% complete.
  2. Morning routine: Done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 100% complete.
  3. Holiday: I did convince my husband that we only needed one carry-on suitcase for the two of us for a four-day trip. It went well, we had more than enough clothes for what we needed. I spent roughly €150 for my share of meal costs and entertainment during the trip.

Weekly wishes for 30/06/14:

  1. Dissertation: Work on the dissertation for three hours (including 5-min breaks) on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Morning routine: Do this at least five times during the week.
  3. Double glazing: Chase up the quote we are waiting for and book one of the two companies to replace all our windows before the winter.
  4. Sprint: Do a short primal sprint session at the beginning of the week.

I know my weekly wishes are a bit repetitive at the moment. The dissertation is something which has to be a priority until it’s submitted at the end of July. After that, I’ll be so glad to cross it off my list and never see it again! The other wishes tend to relate to building healthy habits, so I thought it would be a good idea to keep prioritising them until I can do them automatically.


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