June 2014 declutter total

I had two good decluttering months and cleared out a lot of my possessions. My ultimate aim now is to get my own possessions down to 100, and my joint possessions with my husband to 200 (although considering a lot of these will be furniture, that may not be realistic). So how did I do in June?

Sold on eBay

  • 1 Nintendo DS
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 3 patterns
  • 1 exercise ball
  • 1 magazine and pattern
  • 1 hairdryer
  • 1 set of hair straighteners
  • 1 Wii game

Sold on Amazon

  • 1 book

Donated to charity shop

  • 1 jacket
  • 1 short-sleeve top
  • 3 long-sleeve top
  • 5 cardigans
  • 1 notebook
  • 1 decorative stone
  • 1 glove buttoner
  • 1 pair sunglasses
  • 1 coaster
  • 1 CD
  • 2 tins
  • 2 fancy pencils and matching eraser
  • 1 stationery set – stapler, tape dispenser and hole punch
  • 1 pack of elastic bands
  • 1 pack of DL envelopes (some used)
  • 2 belts
  • 2 bags
  • 2 pairs gloves
  • 1 pair legwarmers
  • 2 dresses
  • 1 t-shirt
  • Assorted knitting patterns
  • 1 tape measure, still in pack
  • 1 pack of double-ended needles
  • 1 piece of fabric
  • 1 aftershave balm
  • 1 cupcake moneybox
  • 1 chest of drawers
  • 1 under-sink cabinet
  • 1 steamer
  • 1 sandwich maker
  • 2 muffin pans
  • 1 bundt ring
  • 1 small frying pan
  • 5 books
  • Some writing paper and envelopes
  • 1 bag

Donated to the local knitting group

  • 1 bag of toy stuffing
  • 1 bag of assorted wool oddments

Donated to the local library

  • 5 books

Recycled or thrown away

  • Assorted gel pens
  • Assorted other pens and pencils
  • 1 large tin
  • Assorted half-finished cross-stitch items
  • Assorted oddments from unfinished projects
  • Instruction manuals for assorted items which we no longer have
  • Receipts no longer needed
  • 1 pile of very old elastic bands
  • 1 tippex pen
  • 1 magazine in poor condition
  • Assorted cross stitch patterns
  • Assorted articles saved from magazines and never since used
  • 1 broken glasses case

Total 85 items

But what about new items coming into the house? I brought in a free recipe book which I received during a trip, but I resisted bringing home a folder with calculator, and a pad of paper, which I also received during the trip.

I’m happy with this total, although I had a target of 100 items in mind. After a couple of intensive months of decluttering, this seems a reasonable amount, it’s still an average of a couple of items per day.


3 thoughts on “June 2014 declutter total

  1. 200 items is pretty impressive and I am a serial declutter! I don’t think we could ever achieve that. I suspect that our crockery, cutlery, pans, glasses and compost bin would come fairly close to the 200 limit. What are your goals, what items are you planning to have in that 200 total?

  2. Quick addition. We are a family of five with regular large numbers of family guests and I don’t do any form of diposable items unless absolutely necessary. No paper plates, plastic glasse etc. So that may have a slight impact on our item total. But I am still mind boggled at the 200 limit. I just worked out that our linen alone (4 beds in regular use and one for guests) requires 10 sheets,10 duvet covers ,24 pillowslips, 5 duvets and 12 pillows, that alone is a grand total of 61 items already!

  3. I did say 200 might not be realistic:P There are only two of us though, and it might make a difference that I count quite a lot of our ornaments and furniture as my husband’s possessions rather than joint e.g., he brought them into the marriage or has paid for them since, if we were ever to get divorced that he could clearly show they were his in contrast to our jointly owned items. For example, looking round the living room, the two sofas were bought jointly but the TV, stand and DVD player, the coffee table, two end tables and a folding table with two chairs were all his before we got married or belonged to his grandparents. It does make a difference as he effectively has automatic veto rights over all that kind of thing so I can’t declutter them.

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