Frugal – spend cut – w/e 06/07/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.00 – chocolate to eat at work.
  • £1.49 – chocolate to eat while on a business trip
  • £5.99 – KFC for dinner after a business trip

Total – £9.48

I will put £10.52 against savings.

This kind of spend is deeply unsatisfying and stems purely from lack of organisation on my part. In this case, as we had been on holiday the week before, we had very little food in the house and I hadn’t had time to go shopping. So for the business trip on Friday, for example, I didn’t have anything handy to make a healthy breakfast to take with me and so I ended up eating chocolate. On the way home, I was tired and knew there was nothing ready to make dinner with, so I ended up buying KFC as I would have to go to the supermarket and buy something anyway. I have already identified that I need to stock up the freezer with healthier options to avoid snacking on chocolate and junk food, so I will make this a priority in August.


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