Simplify – Weekly Wishes 07/07/14

How did I do with last week’s wishes?

Weekly wishes for 30/06/14:

  1. Dissertation: I worked on the dissertation for two hours on Saturday but not at all on Sunday. I think because I felt I’d made good progress on Saturday, I felt less pressure on Sunday. Obviously a self-sabotaging strategy! 33% completed. 
  2. Morning routine: Aim was 5 times. I did it on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. 80% completed.
  3. Double glazing: We haven’t received the second quote and I was set to book the first company on Friday, then my husband decided he had some questions and wouldn’t agree that we could proceed. He now has strict instructions to call them on Monday so we can go ahead after that. 0% completed. 
  4. Sprint: I did a primal sprint session on Tuesday. 100% completed.

Not fantastic progress but not awful either. I feel like I’m getting better at the health-related items. Therefore, I’m going to move them into one healthy habits item so that they don’t clog up the weekly wishes, but I still have to report on them. I do find that helps keep me motivated and makes me more likely to complete.

Weekly wishes for 07/07/14:

  1. Dissertation: I need to write 3,000 words to meet the minimum word limit, so this week I have booked two days off work and aim to complete 3,000 words during that time and the weekend.
  2. Double glazing: Book after my husband has asked the questions he needs to know about.

Healthy habits

  1. Complete one primal sprint session.
  2. Complete morning routine five times.
  3. Record eating habits on myfitnesspal every day.

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