Simplify – Weekly Wishes 14/07/14

How did I do with last week’s wishes?

Weekly wishes for 07/07/14:

  1. Dissertation: completed more than the required word count and finalised most of the text. 100% completed. 
  2. Double glazing: My husband didn’t contact the company but was still very unsure. In the end, I have booked for the front windows to be done and have arranged one more quote for the rest of the windows. 50% completed. 

Healthy habits

  1. Completed one primal sprint session on Monday, my pace is steadily improving. 100% completed.
  2. Completed morning routine on Monday, partial morning routine on two other days. 40% completed. 
  3. Record eating habits on myfitnesspal partially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 15% completed. 

Weekly wishes for 14/07/14:

  1. eBay: advertise 10 items for sale.
  2. Mindfulness: practise mindfulness during the walk to work each morning.

Healthy habits

  1. Complete one primal sprint session.
  2. Complete morning routine five times.
  3. Record eating habits on myfitnesspal five times.

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