Frugal – spend cut – w/e 27/07/14

From my weekly budget of £10 (July is a five-week month), I have spent:

  • £3.40 – lunch on Wednesday (was meant to be going for a meal which was cancelled and had no spare food in the office)
  • £1.00 – drink at language cafe (it was very hot there)
  • £4.50 – leaving collection for colleague
  • £20.50 – new tips for Nono bought last week

Total – £29.40

So, somewhat of a disaster week as I had to spend all of next week’s budget as well! Next week will therefore have to be a no-spend week, which may be possible as I’m on annual leave for half of the week and visiting my parents. They don’t have any shops nearby!

Replacement tips are a regular expense with a Nono, however I was hoping not to have to buy any six days after buying the Nono itself. But with secondhand items, this is the risk you run.


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