Frugal – spend cut – w/e 03/08/14

From my weekly budget of £0 (due to overspend the previous week), I have spent:

  • £0

Total – £0

That’s a relief! Even though I sometimes have no-spend weeks, I find it a bit stressful to have a can’t-spend week. I must admit, this zero spend was mainly possible because I was visiting my parents and so they paid for things during my visit like chocolate and dinner out one night.

From savings, I have spent:

  • £16.25 – printing and binding of my dissertation
  • 2.00 – postage of my dissertation

I had originally assumed that if a hard copy was required, I could print and bind it myself (we have a spiral binder at work). However, in the end a specific type of binding was required which I had to outsource, and since our colour printer at home is not great quality, I decided to get the printing officially done as well.

From the household budget, I have spent:

  • £10 – Microsoft Office 2013

We were having problems with our laptop, and originally thought that we might have to buy a new one. However, we tried replacing the battery and then reinstalling the laptop, and it works much better now. As part of the reinstall, we needed replacement software, which I got at a discount through work. That and the cost of the battery is a lot cheaper than a new laptop:)


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