Frugal – a year of free fun – month 3

August was month 3 of trying to spend as little as possible on entertainment.  This month’s fun activities were:

  • drove to Lichfield for a short visit (there will be a cost for fuel and car wear-and-tear but no physical cash outlay at the time).
  • worked on an existing craft project for which I didn’t need to buy anything.
  • sold more craft items for sale on eBay.
  • went to two language meetups, one knit group and met friends four times, for under £15.
  • kept watching free online TV and also used a free Amazon Prime trial.
  • borrowed around 8 books from the local library.
  • used Memrise and CDs from the library to study languages for free.
  • used Headspace for a free trial of meditation and then continued with an online interval timer for free.
  • went for walks in the local area and parks at the weekend.

So this month’s total spend on fun was:

  • Leaving lunch with work colleagues – £5.35
  • Coffees with a friend – £4.70
  • Snack at language meetup – £0.70
  • Postage for letters – £4.00 roughly (taken from eBay profits)



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