Frugal – spend cut – w/e 22/09/14

Weekly spend has been a bit complicated this month and I haven’t fully been taking notes. As I was aware that I was going away to Wales in September, I ended up carrying forward any spare cash instead of moving it into savings, so that it could cover my costs there.

From my total budget of £60, I have spent:

  • £8.00 – junk food in Sainsburys
  • £6.45 – lunch on Saturday in Wales
  • £1.00 – beeswax lipbalm at craft show
  • £18.00 – dinner in Wales
  • £2.00 – parking at the seaside
  • £3.50 – lunch on Sunday in Wales
  • £2.95 – ice cream
  • £10.00 – contribution to friend’s fuel costs

Total – £51.90

I’ve put £10 into savings and will carry on tracking as normal from this week. I’m sure I’ve bought other things this month but can’t remember what, and the numbers seem to add up, so I’m leaving it like that.

I’ve made around £5 selling my own items via eBay, and around £11 selling things for my mum.


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