Frugal – a year of free fun – month 4

I had already arranged to go to Wales for the weekend with some friends from my knitting group before I started my year of free fun. I paid for accommodation in advance, but food, transport and the like all needed to be paid for out of this month’s budget. This month’s fun activities were:

  • stayed in Wales for two nights (£44, paid in advance).
  • got a lift with a friend to Wales (£10 contribution towards petrol)
  • went to the National Wool Museum (free entry).
  • went to the seaside (part of Wales trip).
  • worked on an existing craft project for which I didn’t need to buy anything.
  • went to three language meetups.
  • went to two knit groups.
  • met friends once.
  • went out for lunch twice and dinner once in Wales for under £40.
  • kept watching free online TV.
  • borrowed books from the local library, and used Facebook to get several free book recommendations from friends.
  • used Memrise and CDs from the library to study languages for free.
  • continued meditating daily.
  • went running in the local park once a week.
  • did yoga using free videos on YouTube (I recommend Tara Stiles).
  • visited my family one weekend, to attend a birthday dinner and a christening (no cost apart from petrol, from the monthly fuel budget and a christening present, from my annual present budget).
  • had a visit from my parents and went for dinner with them at a restaurant where we had a discount voucher.
  • dusted off my old Wii Fit for the price of new batteries (£8!)
  • went for walks in the local area and parks at the weekend.
  • posted some letters (paid for out of eBay profits so not counted in total spend).
  • hosted a Macmillan coffee morning at work (cost of ingredients, came out of shopping budget)

So this month’s total spend on fun was:

  • Trip to Wales – £43.90
  • Batteries – £8.00
  • Macmillan coffee morning baking – £20.00
  • Refreshments at language cafe – £2.20



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