Simplify – Weekly Wishes 20/10/14

Last wishes: 06/10/14:

  1. Self-care50% completed. My healthy habits took a bit of a beating but I wasn’t too hard on myself. I also didn’t give myself anything to do in the evenings apart from relaxing. 
  2. Parcels100% completed. I started work late on Wednesday morning so I had time to fit this in. 
  3. Food50% completed. My breakfasts and lunches were healthy, but I ate a lot of chocolate in the afternoons as consolation for having to work late every day. 
  4. Review0% completed. 

Healthy habits

  1. Walk for 20 minutes. Mon x 2, Tues x 2, Weds x 2, Thurs x 2
  2. Complete one primal sprint session. X
  3. Complete a long and steady run. X
  4. Go for a bike ride. X
  5. Do 10-minute yoga session. X
  6. Do 15-minutes semi-supine and Alexander Technique affirmations. Weds
  7. Do 10-minute writing meditation session. Mon, Tues, Thurs
  8. Enter meals on MyFitnessPal. X
  9. Do 30-minute strength training session. X
  10. Do 10-minute strength training session. X
  11. Practise mindfulness during a daily activity. Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs
  12. Do 10-minute mindfulness meditation session. Mon, Tues, Thurs
  13. Eat under 150g carbohydrates in a day. MonTues
  14. Think of 3 things I’m grateful for. Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs
  15. Think of 3 grateful things about my marriage.
  16. Do Wii Fit balance exercises. X

Weekly wishes for 13/10/14

  • Carry forward review from the previous week. 0% completed, I had a very demotivated and lazy week.

Weekly wishes for 13/10/14

  • Carry forward review from the previous week.
  • Reply to an outstanding email from a few weeks ago.
  • Add three specific items to eBay.

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