Frugal – a year of free fun – month 5

This month’s fun activities were:

  • worked on an existing craft project for which I didn’t need to buy anything.
  • went to 2 language meetups.
  • kept watching free online TV.
  • borrowed books from the local library.
  • used Memrise and CDs from the library to study languages for free.
  • continued meditating sporadically.
  • listened to a lot of music on YouTube.
  • went running in the local park periodically.
  • volunteered as staff on a student trip organised by my work, so I got free coach travel to Stratford.
  • went out for two meals (one for work (hosting visitors, paid for by work) and one with family).
  • had a takeaway.
  • had tea with a friend (in a work meeting room rather than cafe so it was free).
  • went to an anniversary party.
  • went for walks in the local area and parks at the weekend.
  • posted some letters (paid for out of eBay profits so not counted in total spend).
  • went to a spa (£22, paid for as a LivingSocial voucher earlier in 2014).

So this month’s total spend on fun was:

  • £6.95 – food and drink in Stratford.
  • £6.00 – takeaway.
  • £1.30 – cup of tea at language meetup.


Very good going, helped by the fact that I had a cold for a lot of this month and so didn’t feel like doing anything for several weeks.


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