Frugal – spend cut – w/e 02/11/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.00 – chocolate from Poundland on Tuesday
  • £0.50 – chocolate from charity stand at work on Tuesday.
  • £1.00 – chocolate from charity stand at work on Wednesday.

Total – £3.50

£16.50 will go into savings.

I went to a spa with my mum on Monday, but this had already been paid for many months in advance via LivingSocial. I’m still recovering from quite a bad cold and am very tired, which is why I’m caning the chocolate to this extent! I had a lazy weekend with no costs associated.

From savings, I spent £30.60 on a chiropody visit. I had some foot trouble which was making it painful to walk (and I walk most days), and was also putting me off running, so this was an investment which should translate into increased future mobility.

After switching energy suppliers recently, I got a refund of £495.46 from the old supplier:) I’ll bank it for now to cover any energy costs over the winter which go above our monthly direct debits, but if it’s not all spent in the spring I’ll put it either towards mortgage overpayments or savings towards other bills. The current system, since my husband and I started living together, has been designed to save up a monthly amount towards each annual bill (e.g. TV licence, water, home insurance, assorted car costs, line rental required in order to have broadband), so that we had the full amount saved when each bill came due. This meant we could pay with debit card where possible and avoid any applicable credit card charges, and take advantage of any discounts for annual instead of monthly payment. It also meant that if one or both of us were made redundant, we could cut out bill expenses for a few months if necessary to cover any loss of income, without feeling the pinch. I’m now working on having double the amount for each bill in savings, just as an extra saving margin. It would also help if any prices increase dramatically, as we wouldn’t have to worry if our income didn’t increase dramatically at the same time.

At work this month, I slightly changed positions (still within the same department), which led to a raise of around £50/month. However, on payday I found out that the necessary procedure hadn’t been followed by our HR department, so I didn’t get the increase in this month’s salary. Oh well, I’ll get a double payment in next month’s salary:) The extra from the raise will go into my ISA each month, I won’t be increasing spend anywhere else in my budget.


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