Frugal – spend cut – w/e 09/11/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.00 – chocolate from Poundland on Tuesday
  • £10.00 – towards holiday budget
  • £4.00 – entry fee to climb a tower to get a view of Oxford
  • £2.10 – drink (and sit-down!) in Oxford
  • £0.36 – cheesecake in Oxford (rest paid for from old M&S voucher)
  • £1.00 – 11 AAA batteries

Total – £19.46

I won’t put the remaining £0.54 into savings!

From my holiday budget of £135.67, I’ve made the following bookings towards a five-day trip in December:

  • Return flight – £51.98
  • Return train to airport – £31.00
  • Hostel for five nights – £32.35
  • Total £115.33

This is to go to Lisbon, Portugal, which is on my bucket list. Between now and December I’ll need to save some money for food and other expenditure while I’m there. I’m estimating this at £150, so I’ll need to add income from eBay spend towards it, as well as spare bits of weekly spend.

From Nectar points savings of around £62, I exchanged £10 to buy a new alarm clock from Argos. My previous one was around eight years old, and due to being dropped repeatedly, the light function didn’t work and the buttons had started working sporadically so it took a long time both to switch off and to reset the alarm. The new one works similarly to the old one so there should be an easy transition, and it lights up so I can see the ungodly hours at which my husband wakes me up!



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