Frugal – spend cut – w/e 25/01/15

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £2.99 – two large envelopes from WH Smith (extortionate! I had to post something just slightly bigger than A4 for eBay and didn’t take this price into consideration)
  • £1.00 – Thornton’s fabulous fudge chocolate bar. An impulse buy while standing at the till; well played, WH Smith! It wasn’t that tasty so at least I won’t fall for the same trick again.
  • £1.55 – chocolate at work. I had a falling-out with a colleague and a stressful day, didn’t sleep well at all that night and as a result I felt like I needed a sugar rush before lunch, and had to pay work canteen prices instead of getting cheaper chocolate in town.
  • £1.00 – I bought some cheap chocolate in town during my lunch break as well!

Total – £6.54

£13.46 will go into savings.

From eBay profits, I spent £1.50 on 100 black pipe cleaners. I needed three for baby gifts I’m making, not quite sure what to do with the other 97…

From the housekeeping budget, I spent £4.00 on masking tape and white spirit for a DIY job which needs to be done to maintain a warranty on our wooden windows.

My frugal success of the week was that I opted out of the work secret santa. We had a late Christmas lunch this week, for a department where I don’t know anyone very well apart from my manager, who had already got me a present at Christmas. Therefore, I felt like I didn’t want to spend £5 buying a generic present for someone I don’t really know, and receiving something generic back, almost a month after Christmas. I agonised a bit about opting out as I was worried about what people would think, but in the end I did and felt a lot better for it. Money saved, consumerism and waste avoided:)




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