Frugal – knitted baby presents

I have a sister and two friends giving birth in January and April. I decided to make them each a baby cocoon. I already have all the knitting equipment I need, so there was no expense associated with that. I had some assorted wool suitable for babies in my stash, enough for one cocoon. For the other two, I used up some wool from my mum’s stash.

I got a free pattern online for a bunny cocoon, but because of the small amounts of different wool I had, I decided to make stripy cocoons instead. Because of the stripes, I turned two of the cocoons into caterpillars.

A stripy cocoon and black hat

Caterpillar cocoon 1, using my stash of wool

A pastel stripy cocoon with black hat

Caterpillar cocoon 2, using my mum’s wool

For both hats, the caterpillar antennae are made of a single pipe cleaner, which cost around £1.95 from eBay (covered from eBay profits).

For the third cocoon, I had enough of two colours of wool that I just made a blue and white-striped cocoon and matching hat.

Cocoon and hat 3

Cocoon and hat 3

Everything was knitted in the round so was quite easy to do and didn’t take a lot of concentration. These are good stashbuster projects and it’s also nice that you can personalise them for each recipient. I don’t know whether the babies who get them actually end up wearing them a lot, but that could be true of some baby clothes you go out and buy, since they’re difficult to size for and grow so fast! I prefer giving this kind of handmade present.


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