February 2015 declutter total

Sold on eBay

  • 1 packet of novelty chocolates
  • 1 pair of MBT trainers
  • 1 nicer dicer (seller didn’t pay so unfortunately it hasn’t gone yet)
  • Magazine
  • Pack of crochet thread
  • Around 800g aran wool

Given to the charity shop

  • Assorted hairclips
  • Assorted hairbands
  • Watch
  • Alarm clock
  • Wire “holder”
  • Exercise DVD
  • Assorted socks
  • Candle
  • Electric carving knife (present, never used)
  • Ice lolly moulds
  • Herb mini chopping board
  • Gift box of green tea (present, never used)
  • Japanese mini dressing bottles for packed lunches (never used)
  • Hand mixer
  • Kitchen scales
  • Knife block and some of the knives it came with
  • Chopping board
  • Cool bag
  • Winter coat in good condition but with bleach marks on the front
  • 2 potholders
  • Clock
  • Car travel blanket (new and never used)

Thrown away

  • Assorted socks and pants
  • Turkish coffee (present, never used)
  • Spanish herbal tea which never tasted as nice as it smelled.
  • Screws which I didn’t know what they were for and they had been left at the top of the stairs for around 3 months so were unlikely to be used.
  • 2 blinds which were taken down when we had double-glazing fitted last November and which it looks like won’t be put up again.
  • A candy grabber toy which I bought my husband years ago and was going to put on eBay. However, when I checked it he’d left the empty batteries in and they’d leaked all over, so it no longer worked.

Total 35 items

I always feel better if I can get rid of at least as many items as there are days in the month, so February was a good month for me. I’m still fighting a losing battle in terms of what my husband brings in and leaves lying around, but things feel slightly less chaotic than they did at the end of January. However, I can see a familiar trend in the items above, in that I’ve reached a point now where I’m so fed up of the mess that I’m starting to get rid of items which are joint or my husband’s rather than things which are incontrovertibly mine. It’s entirely possible that he will come at some point and ask “Where are those screws I left at the top of the stairs a while ago?” and then there’ll be a big row. However, since it’s also possible that he’s forgotten about them and will just get some more screws if he ever remembers what job they were for and decides to do it, I think it’s worth the risk. You might wonder why I don’t ask him if he needs them anymore. This is because he is incapable of turning down items and will always say he does need them. This happens not just with me but if friends or family members ask him if he needs, for example, a dining room table and set of chairs (we have one dining room which already has a dining table and chairs), or an old wooden tray which is slightly broken, or some chemistry books used to study with in the 1950s (my husband doesn’t study chemistry and I suppose science has moved on since then anyway), then he will automatically say yes and bring it home with no thought of where it will go or what it will be used for, which is why we have so much clutter. In case you’re wondering, the second dining room table spent around three years in our cellar, I think a couple of years ago it was promoted to the shed.


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