Frugal – a year of free fun – month 9

This month’s fun activities were:

  • worked on existing craft projects for which I didn’t need to buy anything: knitted cocoons as presents for friends, and a knitted top for me using some wool someone from knit group gave me (I got the pattern in a book for Christmas).
  • went to 1 language meetup (we went to a restaurant which is a rare occurence and did incur some cost).
  • kept watching free online TV (all five seasons of Andromeda on YouTube, plus some old episodes of Goodness Gracious Me).
  • borrowed books from the local library (I’m working through a new reading list via Book Challenges on Facebook, which I recommend as it helps you to try lots of books you may not have considered but which can turn out to be good).
  • continued meditating sporadically, as well as practising mindfulness.
  • listened to a lot of music on YouTube.
  • visited friends with a new baby at their house,  twice.
  • had Sunday lunch with my husband’s parents.
  • did lots of baking using existing ingredients and online recipes
  • travelled to London for a training course (not much free time to see anything, but a change is as good as a rest. All tickets and refreshments paid for by work).

So this month’s total spend on fun was:

  • £15.00 – restaurant for language meetup
  • £5.00 – postage for letters (paid for through eBay profits)

A bit of a slow month, funwise, but I had a lot of work stress and overtime so didn’t want to do much in the evenings or weekends.


One thought on “Frugal – a year of free fun – month 9

  1. Sorry to hear about the stress. Great though to make a list of the fun you’ve had – a great way to remember that although things may have not been easy, you’ve still had some fun. Good for you!

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