Frugal – spend cut – w/e 08/03/15

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £1.00 – Mother’s Day card and leaving card for a direct report at work.
  • £10.50 – 4 pairs of hold-ups to replace the things with holes or broken elastic which I threw away in January and February.

Total – £11.50

£8.50 into savings.

From my holiday budget, I spent £133.79 on a hostel reservation for six nights in Copenhagen.

This week’s food spend is as follows:

  • 5 bananas – £0.22
  • Boursin garlic and herb – £0.99
  • Twirl bites – £1.65

Subtotal: £2.86

These were all impulse buys. A colleague drove me home after a late night at work and dropped me off outside the mini-supermarket near to my house, so I called in to see what was on offer. Bananas are a regular purchase so that was a good yellow sticker buy. Boursin is a luxury that I only buy when it’s on offer, so £0.99 down from £2.50 is a good price, but I don’t need it. The chocolate was an impulse buy and it was more expensive than buying it from one of the discount shops in town, so I could have saved money through better planning (or not eating so much chocolate!). In summary, I spent all the money saved from yellow stickers on full-price chocolate.

  • Natural yoghurt – £1.35
  • Tortilla chips – £1.10
  • Pork joint – £2.04
  • Cooking bacon – £1.15
  • Meatballs – £1.69
  • Pork leg – £3.69
  • Butter x 4 – £3.60
  • Creme eggs x 6 – £1.00
  • Milk chocolate x 2 – £0.70
  • Dark chocolate x 4 – £1.40
  • Condensed milk x 2 – £2.00

Subtotal – £20.72

Everything from butter onwards was to make two lots of this. One of my sisters is due to give birth shortly and made a special request. As my parents are coming to visit this weekend, I’ll make it for them to take back for her. Then I thought I’d make a sweet potato flour version for my mum and me to try. So it was a non-essential recipe, but it saved on the cost of dessert when my parents and I went out for dinner

  • Natural yoghurt – £1.35
  • Sweet potatoes – £1.50
  • Vegetable selection – £1.00
  • Cooking bacon – £1.15
  • Mushrooms – £0.90
  • Broccoli – £0.45
  • Peppers – £1.00
  • Eggs – £2.00

Subtotal – £9.35

All essentials, nothing pre-prepared, and will count towards a lot of next week’s meals so this was a good shop.

Total – £32.93

Under the £35 weekly food budget, and covers some of next week’s meals, so I’m happy with this week’s food spend.


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