Simplify – Weekly Wishes 09/03/15

Last week’s wishes – 02/03/15

  1. Plastering: do the measuring job from last week. 0% completed. 
  2. Goals: rethink 5-year plan in light of what is happening at work. 0% completed. After I thought about this on Monday, on Tuesday I found out there was another potential change at work, so it feels like things are too complicated at the moment to narrow down. If I start thinking about where I want to be in five years, the path starts splintering after even a few months from now, depending on how the current situation turns out. So this will be on hold for a bit. 
  3. Memrise: log into Memrise every day. 57% completed. Done on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs. 
  4. Email: answer a specific email.0% completed. 

I’m struggling a bit at the moment. For the last few weeks, the work-related stress has been causing some physical symptoms which include extreme tiredness, general lack of energy and motivation, sleeplessness and difficulty switching off. I’ve been to the doctors and they are checking to make sure there are no physical causes. After that, I think they’ll look at providing some counselling for me. In the meantime, it seems very difficult to get things done at the moment, and I’ve spent the majority of the last two weekends either sleeping or watching TV, which is quite unusual for me. From April onwards, things should get a bit easier at work due to various things either starting or coming to an end. In the meantime, I’ll have to be a bit less ambitious with my weekly wishes. 

Healthy habits

  1. Walk for 20 minutes. Mon x 2, Tues, Weds x 2, Thurs x 2, Fri x 2
  2. Complete one primal sprint session. X
  3. Complete a long and steady run. X
  4. Go for a bike ride. X
  5. Do 10-minute yoga session. X
  6. Do 15-minutes semi-supine and Alexander Technique affirmations. X
  7. Do 10-minute writing meditation session. Mon, Tues, Thurs
  8. Enter meals on MyFitnessPal. X
  9. Do 30-minute strength training session. X
  10. Do 10-minute strength training session. X
  11. Practise mindfulness during a daily activity. X
  12. Do 10-minute mindfulness meditation session. X
  13. Eat under 150g carbohydrates in a day. X
  14. Think of 3 things I’m grateful for. Mon, Weds, Thurs
  15. Think of 3 grateful things about my marriage. Mon, Thurs
  16. Do Wii Fit balance exercises. X
  17. Have a sugar-free day. X
  18. Complete mindfulness journal. Mon, Thurs
  19. Do something for future me. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
  20. Come up with ideas (based on this post). Mon

Weekly wishes for 09/03/15

  1. Memrise: log into Memrise every day.
  2. Knitting: go to knitting group (I’ve missed the last two and have been skipping social activities since I’ve been feeling stressed, so I think it will do me good to go).
  3. Application: work on an application form which needs to be completed this month.

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