March 2015 declutter total

Sold on eBay

  • 2 magazines

Sold on Amazon

  • 1 DVD

Given away

  • A bag my mum bought me but I don’t use; I gave it back to her.

Thrown away

  • More old socks with holes in
  • Old fabric cut into shape but which I’ll never sew together
  • Old pattern ditto
  • Threads in colours I don’t use

Total 8 items

Pretty dismal! I think because I’ve been feeling so sapped of energy this month, I haven’t been doing anything apart from the essentials. I did clear out my old sewing bag yesterday, and put some DVDs on Amazon. I also offered some sewing items to a friend, so hopefully she’ll take those next month. I feel like I’m getting better at seeing what I’ll use and what can go, which is helping me to get rid of my own things. However, as always the major demotivator is that if I clear a space of my things, my husband immediately puts something of his in it so the net clutter seems to increase.


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