Frugal – spend cut – w/e 19/04/15

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:


  • £0.70 – chocolate at work
  • £2.00 – brownie from Borough Market
  • £1.60 – water on train (extortionate! I had planned to buy water before getting on the train, but got a bit lost on the way back to the station and so only just made it)
  • £13.50 – breakfast at airport
  • £1.95 – water at airport

£19.75; won’t bother moving £0.25 into savings!

From the DKK1,000 (roughly £100) I exchanged to cover holiday expenses, I spent:


  • DKK36 – metro ticket to get from airport to hostel (I bought a Copenhagen card which covers transport, but only for five days out of the seven I’m here)
  • DKK10 – bag of peanuts
  • DKK24 – McDonalds McFlurry with salt liquorice. The Danes are crazy about liquorice and I couldn’t resist this weird taste combo which will surely never be offered in any other country)
  • DKK19 – chocolate (breakfast Thurs)
  • DKK68 – hot drink and cake ( lunch Thurs)
  • DKK40 – potato cake with ham and cheese (dinner Thurs)
  • DKK26 – 2 Danish pastries (Fri breakfast). I know it’s not gluten-free but when you’re in Denmark it’s got to be done!
  • DKK25 – bag of roasted sugared almonds (Fri lunch)
  • DKK31 – pack of ham and some chocolate with cinnamon (Fri dinner/Sat breakfast)
  • DKK6 – postcards for my grandparents
  • DKK10 – cake for lunch
  • DKK35 – Chinese takeaway box for dinner
  • DKK40 – liquorice marshmallow with ice cream, liquorice sauce and liquorice sprinkles (surely no explanation needed)
  • DKK28 – ice cream
  • DKK35 – smørrebrod (open sandwich)
  • DKK40 – koldståd (traditional buttermilk dessert)
  • DKK68- hot drink and pastry

Total DKK551, DKK459 remaining

On Thurs I started using my 5-day Copenhagen card (cost DKK799) and I’ve tracked what the individual items would have cost:


  • Entry to Tivoli Gardens -DKK99
  • Entry to Round Tower – DKK25
  • Entry to Blue Planet aquarium – DKK169
  • Metro tickets to aquarium and back – DKK72
  • Zone 3 metro trip – DKK24*
  • Train Nørreport to Helsingør -DKK108*
  • Entry Kronborg castle – DKK90*
  • Train Helsingør to Hillerød – DKK72*
  • Entry Frederiksborg castle – DKK75*
  • Train Roskilde return – DKK192
  • Entry to Roskilde Museum – DKK25*
  • Entry to Museum of contemporary art – DKK40*
  • Entry Roskilde Cathedral – DKK60
  • Canal tour – DKK75
  • Entry to Tivoli – DKK99*
  • Entry to Rosenburg and Amalienborg castles – DKK130
  • Entry to Our Saviour church tower – DKK35
  • Canal tour – DKK40*

Total DKK1460

Items with * are things I might have skipped or worked around to save costs if I didn’t have the card. Total of just the things I definitely wanted to do is DKK877





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