Frugal – a year of free fun – month 11

This is a fairly expensive month as I went on holiday (partly paid for out of money received for birthday and Christmas, partly from money saved up during the year). This month’s fun activities were:

  • worked on existing craft projects for which I didn’t need to buy anything: knitted top started in February.
  • went to 1 language meetup (£1.50).
  • kept watching free online TV (YouTube and BBC iPlayer).
  • borrowed books from the local library (continuing to work through Book Challenges on Facebook).
  • travelled to Birmingham to meet my mum and sister (£3.80 metro ticket).
  • had lunch with my mum and sister (my sister paid).
  • spent Easter with my family.
  • went to a local Easter fete for charity (£2.00)
  • went for dinner with my parents (they paid).
  • continued meditating sporadically, as well as practising mindfulness.
  • listened to a lot of music on YouTube.
  • travelled to London for a training course (Tickets and refreshments paid for by work).
  • went on holiday to Copenhagen for seven days inc. travel.
  • visited the towns of Helsingor, Hillerod and Roskilde while in Denmark.
  • studied languages using Memrise.
  • downloaded emagazines through the library and Zinio app.
  • continued using Happify free version to improve my state of mind.
  • went to a wedding.
  • had breakfast with a friend (£2.80)
  • went to Birmingham, visited the library, a museum and a gallery (free entry, ticket paid for by work).
  • visited a friend at her house

So this month’s total spend on fun was:

  • £3.80 – metro ticket
  • £2.00 – cake for my sister and raffle ticket at charity fair
  • £51.98 – return flight to Copenhagen
  • £22.00 – return train ticket to Manchester airport
  • £133.79 – accommodation for six nights in a Copenhagen hostel
  • £103.98 – Danish currency for food and incidentals
  • £77.35 – Copenhagen card – all travel and entry tickets for five days
  • £2.80 – breakfast
  • £1.50 – drink at language meetup



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