Project 333 – my 1st attempt

After I packed for two back-to-back business trips, I started to realise that I wear a lot of the same clothes all the time anyway. This made me wonder if it might be easier than I had previously thought to try to Project 333. Considering that it’s summer, and I should theoretically wear fewer clothes overall since I won’t need to be so warm. The weather in the UK was terrible for the first few days, but I decided to hope for the best and plan a summer Project 333 wardrobe. I’m starting from 4 June (prior to that, I wasn’t wearing most of my favourite clothes as I’d washed and packed them).

Here is my list of clothes. I’ve marked them as either mainly for work (W), home (H) or both (B).

5 dresses


Dresses – when it does get hot in the UK, I generally rotate through these dresses all the time anyway.

  1. Black wrap (W)
  2. Red/white/black (W)
  3. Pink wrap (W)
  4. Black flowery wrap (W)
  5. Pink casual dress (H)
  6. Black casual dress (H)
4 pairs of trousers


Trousers – I’ll wear them at the weekend if it’s not too hot, when going out for the evening and for work if it’s cold or if my legs aren’t looking their best

  1. Jeans (H)
  2. Grey trousers (W)
  3. Silver stripe trousers (B)
  4. Black cords (B)
Two skirts


Skirts – just in case I get bored of dresses or want to look a bit more formal

  1. Long red flower skirt (W)
  2. White and black flower skirt (W)
10 tops hanging on the wall


Tops – for trousers and skirts (perhaps excessive given I only have six “bottoms”)

  1. Black vest (B)
  2. Black short-sleeve shirt (B)
  3. Red flower top (H)
  4. Black and pink top (B)
  5. Pink long-sleeve top (B)
  6. Purple long-sleeve top (B)
  7. Black long-sleeve top (B)
  8. Black t-shirt (B)
  9. White glitter top (W)
  10. Black glitter top (H)
Three jumpers


Jumpers – because it’s not going to be hot throughout the whole British summer!

  1. Black chenille jumper (H)
  2. Black cardigan (B)
  3. Red cardigan (B)


  1. Coat (B) – I’m still wearing my winter coat but hope to switch it out for my summer coat at some point.
  2. Red leather jacket (H) – mainly for going out
  3. Summer hat (B)
  4. Black shoes (B) – for trousers
  5. Sandals (B) – for dresses and skirts
  6. Red shoes (B) – for trousers/going out
  7. Black pashmina (B)

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