Frugal – Year 2 of free fun – month 1

For the start of Year 2,, I’ve been thinking about attending more local events of interest, as I can end up not leaving the house at the weekend. This month’s fun activities were:

  • travelled to London twice for work (tickets paid by work)
  • walked in Hyde Park, saw Speakers’ Corner, the Italian Garden and the Statue of Peter Pan
  • travelled to Malta for work (all travel, food, accommodation paid by work)
  • visited Valletta and Hagar Qim in Malta.
  • tried a traditional Maltese meal and pudding (paid by work).
  • travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania for work (all travel, food, accommodation paid by work)
  • did two walking tours of Vilnius
  • Tried traditional Lithuanian dumplings and mashed potato “sausage”
  • borrowed books from Birmingham Library (travel paid by work for a meeting)
  • watched a Spanish film with my Spanish conversation group (£1)
  • went to an embroiderers’ guild lecture (£5)
  • volunteered three times at a local stately home
  • went to a Japanese restaurant with my Japanese conversation group (£15)
  • visited a friend at her house
  • studied Esperanto with Duolingo
  • joined an “Artist’s Way” group on Facebook and started writing morning pages
  • did the Blogging 101 and Photography 101 courses through WordPress
  • went to a local art exhibition
  • went to a local street food event (£10 on food)
  • went to a charity event in the local park
  • Film entry – £1.00
  • Lecture entry – £5.00
  • Japanese restaurant – £15.00
  • Street food – £10.00

Total £21.00


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